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Local Government

Local Government has increasingly recognised the importance of digital transformation to enhance local service delivery and operational efficiency. Many councils and local authorities are at various stages of implementing digital strategies, moving from traditional paper-based and in-person processes to more agile, digital-first approaches. At a time when public services face fundamental operational and financial challenges, technology and digital tools and approaches are central to achieving accessible, economic, and user-friendly ways for service delivery and improved citizen engagement.

Creating Accessible Services

From our inception, BetterGov have played an important role in supporting local government modernisation of services, in key complex areas such as Social Care IT, Finance and Customer Access. As digital technologies become ever more prevalent and increasingly form part of people’s daily lives, it is essential that councils continue to leverage their potential. We help councils identify the potential to create and improve digital services which enhances rather than over-engineering excessively complicated and difficult to access digital products and services.

Helping Councils Achieve More

BetterGov help councils achieve more with less through modernisation, data governance, IT cost optimisation and re-purposing existing technology, creating a sustainable and carbon friendly approach to digital transformation. We provide expertise to transition from legacy systems to modern digital solutions, including cloud adoption, allowing us to identify potential opportunities for operational efficiency by leveraging data analytics and improving data-driven decision-making. In doing so we can help design and build data services and platforms that allow visualisation and exploitation of that data.

Empowering Teams

To ensure sustainability, efficiency, and cohesiveness of delivering public services, BetterGov aim to empower your teams by transferring knowledge and upskilling key staff through mentoring and shadowing, allowing you to take control and manage your modernisation programmes.