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Central Government

The UK Central Government is undergoing significant digital transformation efforts to enhance public service delivery, increase transparency, drive efficiency, and improve productivity across all government functions. Through various strategies, frameworks and policies focused on digital change and transformation, government leaders have set out their ambitions, key initiatives, and expectations for creating a more digital-savvy public sector. Achieving these ambitions across government is no mean feat and we believe it is as much of a technology challenge as it is a people challenge.

Focussed on Improvement

Not only is the focus on creating more user-friendly, cost efficient, and accessible services through digitisation, new systems, and technologies, but also an equal measure of focus is required on the shift in culture and mindset of both civil servants and citizens.

Multilateral User Design

BetterGov’s multilateral user design approach, coupled with upskilling and knowledge handover, ensures the change required to support and embed new or improved digital services is prioritised when shaping the desired outcome. We seek to digitise only what improves the experience rather than over-engineering excessively complicated and difficult to access digital products and services. We rigorously apply this discipline in the design of to-be environments and experience, allowing rapid progression to alpha concepts, and clearly understood performance and experience metrics for beta testing before allowing key stakeholder, service providers and users a confident and stress-free go-live.

Modernising Government

BetterGov help departments implement data sharing initiatives, enhancing the ability to deliver integrated and informed services across departments and improving decision making.

We provide expertise to:

Transition from legacy systems to modern digital solutions, including cloud adoption, which also allows us to uncover the potential opportunities of using appropriate data in a new and more purposeful way.

Gain maximum benefit from digital transformation, developing digital skills for both the service provider and user is key.

Ensure sustainability, efficiency, and cohesiveness of delivering public services, BetterGov aim to empower your teams by transferring knowledge and upskilling key staff through mentoring and shadowing, allowing you to take control and manage your modernisation programmes.