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The UK Health sector is undergoing a significant transformation journey. One that is embracing digital technologies to enhance healthcare delivery, improve patient services, and integrate systems and services more effectively. All whilst keeping very mindful of the public purse. This transformation is driven by the government’s commitment to support digital transformation in both health and social care, enhancing patient access through digital platforms and improving patient care with connected systems that facilitate informed clinical decisions.

Rethinking Health Processes

The digital transformation in the UK health sector is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about rethinking and redesigning processes and models of care to be more patient-centric and efficient. This will make healthcare more accessible and tailored to individual patient needs. For healthcare providers, the adoption of these digital tools leads to improved diagnostic accuracy, better patient outcomes, and cost reductions through optimised operations.

Modernising Healthcare

BetterGov’s own journey began from the need for improved implementation and integration of social care IT systems, which occasionally required integration with health systems. As systems implementation specialists, over the years we have further developed our core services to support our clients across the entire digital transformation journey. Through modernisation, integration of systems and services and effective use of data, BetterGov can help evaluate, create, and implement operational key technologies and processes, resulting in improved patient outcomes and streamlined healthcare eco-systems.