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Developing Skills and Capability

Workplace culture emerges from the interplay of employee interactions, leadership, and organisational practices. It defines a company’s essence through its values, traditions, and behaviours. Essential, it influences every organisational action. BetterGov collaborates with public sector organisations to create a constructive culture, focusing on collective cultivation rather than top-down mandates, improving service delivery, operational efficiency, and employee experience.

Strategic Upskilling & Reskilling

We can help you to evaluate, deploy and embed key new operational technologies and processes, but ultimately our purpose is to empower your teams by transferring knowledge and upskilling key staff through mentoring and shadowing, allowing you to take control and manage your programmes without the need for or reliance on permanent, expensive third-party support.

Leadership Development

Partnering with our clients, we can create and implement a strategy to increase internal capability through several development routes. We help overcome the challenge of identifying skill gaps and creating succession planning, whilst incorporating a focus on our clients’ culture and diversity and inclusion ambitions, resulting in increased employee engagement and a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Building Communities of Practice

Collaboration is business as usual for BetterGov and working as part of a blended delivery team is welcomed. We can provide our own team of multidiscipline staff (i.e. Scrum teams) or we can supplement the 3rd party capability – external suppliers and civil servants alike. BetterGov actively promotes knowledge sharing to ensure sustainable benefit realisation after handover.

Capability Development

Through modular capability development, our experienced teams can enhance your team’s delivery, digital and technology skills through a hands-on, collaborative approach. By engaging in the co-delivery of projects and programmes, your team will work alongside our consultants in blended multi-disciplined teams. This allows for a seamless knowledge exchange, ensuring your team acquires new skills which are applied in live environment contexts, enhancing their proficiency and confidence.

Our Approach

The road to digital transformation, especially in the public sector is dotted with deep, expensive potholes many of which can be predicted, avoided, and even removed with advice and help from an experienced, trusted partner. This is where BetterGov come in.