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Defence & Security

The UK Defence and Security industry is poised at a crossroads of challenge and opportunity. Digital transformation offers a pathway to navigate this landscape, enhancing the sector’s adaptability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Specialising in Digital Transformation, our perspective on this sector is shaped by the transformative potential of digital technologies and the critical role of data, project, and programme management in enhancing the industry’s operational efficacy and strategic agility.

Optimising Effectiveness & Efficiency

We help optimise operational effectiveness and response efficiency, leading to stronger security measures for the nation and improved public and service personnel safety. Our understanding and experience of delivering complex modernisation programs, working directly or as part of a collaborative eco-system of partners, means that we recognise and understand the nature and extent of legacy technology, data, security, and cost-management challenges. More critically, we have proven experience and capability in overcoming them to meet both your current and future needs.

Modernising Defence

Successful modernisation in Defence is fundamentally about the right technology environment on which to build and deliver the solutions for today’s problems that also enables future proofing of systems. Products and services built with the most appropriate digital tools, integrated cross-functionally across an organisation with siloed organisations coming together at the tactical data and digital assets level. It is about platforms and environments where personal can work more effectively together, share best practice, and deliver uniformly effective services often at times of heightened difficulty or stress. We work with our clients to disentangle their immediately pressing digital projects and stalled digital programmes from the latest in a long line of digital strategies, delivering cost-effective, tangible outcomes which align with wider strategic ambitions but are not dependent on them.

Data is key to success in Defence, every decision made is increasingly data-driven, from large Defence platform investments like the Queen Elizabeth and King Charles aircraft carriers and complex modernisation programs like Business Modernisation for Support (BMfS), to defending against cyber threats. Following the Defence Data Strategy, BetterGov can help create a clear approach to extracting value from data assets, which leads into the design and build of data services and platforms that allow you to visualise and exploit data to gain the tactical edge.

Programme Governance

Given the complexity and high stakes of defence projects, BetterGov offer effective project and programme management support to deliver successful digital transformation initiatives in the defence sector, ensuring that they are delivered on time, within budget, and in alignment with strategic objectives. We advocate for a holistic approach to project management, one that encompasses risk management, stakeholder engagement, and agile methodologies to adapt to the fast-evolving defence environment.

We deliver simple and effective user-centric services, that support your on-going incremental delivery of data-driven information services across organisations to bring clarity and information for tactical decision making.

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