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User-led Digital Services

Facing legacy systems, data silos and the need for digital upskilling within strict budgets and compliance confines, the Public Sector is digitising to enhance service accessibility and cost efficiency. BetterGov’s approach focuses on multilateral user-centred design and thorough upskilling and knowledge handover. We create user-friendly, cost efficient, and accessible services and products through digital transformation, new systems, and technologies.

Discover & Define

We engage directly with your teams and users to gain end-to-end, real-world understanding of the journeys and challenges in the delivery and use of current services and products. This phase is about clearly defining the problem, identifying opportunities, and setting clear, actionable objectives for the project. By using multilateral user design, we ensure that the digital solutions we propose are practical and directly aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Proof of Concept

In the Proof-of-Concept phase, we turn strategic plans into testable outcomes. Through rapid prototyping and iterative testing, we create a tangible version of the product or service that stakeholders can interact with, providing valuable feedback that shapes the viability and direction of development. This is pivotal for verifying viability, optimising resource investment, and ensuring the end product aligns with goals and user requirements.

Build & Deliver

Entering the Build and Deliver phase with a proven concept, our cross-functional teams apply agile methods to develop a digital solution that’s adaptable and user-focused. Through regular sprint reviews and continuous stakeholder input, the product evolves in response to real-world feedback and changing requirements, aiming for a final deliverable that’s robust, scalable, and exceeds user expectations.

Optimise & Automate

After launch, we enter the Optimise and Automate phase, focusing on continuous improvement through user insights and metrics. Enhancements, process streamlining, and automation elevate efficiency and address evolving needs. Our final objective is to empower your teams by transferring knowledge and upskilling key staff, allowing you to take control and manage your digital solutions without reliance on permanent 3rd party support.

Our Approach

The road to digital transformation, especially in the public sector is dotted with deep, expensive potholes many of which can be predicted, avoided, and even removed with advice and help from an experienced, trusted partner. This is where BetterGov come in.