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In our project, we tackled the challenge of modernising social care within a Channel Island Authority. The core objective was to transform the service culture and workflows by transitioning to a new, unified care record case management system, replacing an outdated one. This was a critical step in the Authority’s broader programme of reform and change, necessitating specialised skills and additional resources for a comprehensive end-to-end implementation.

The geographical location of the Channel Islands and the ambitious implementation timeline added layers of complexity, particularly in sourcing the required specialist skills. To overcome these challenges, we sought the expertise of a specialist consultancy, selecting BetterGov for their depth of experience, knowledge, and a flexible resourcing model that promised efficiency and value for money.

Our partnership with BetterGov was instrumental from the outset. Following a competitive tender process, we initiated Phase One with a team on-site, working in close collaboration with key stakeholders. This phase focused on business change, moving from the current state to an ‘optimal’ future state, covering all project stages from mobilisation, planning, requirements specification, data cleansing and migration, to build and configuration, testing, and training.

Key achievements of this project included:

  • A comprehensive gap analysis and the creation of a detailed delivery plan.
  • The project was completed within a ten-month timeframe, from contract award to system go-live.
  • We managed rapid and effective stakeholder engagement and project delivery.
  • Development of entirely bespoke processes and procedures.
  • Successful delivery on time, within scope, and budget, ensuring maximum cost savings through a flexible resourcing model.
  • Enhanced system integration, contributing to further improvements.
  • Effective change management, robust knowledge transfer, and extensive training were provided to ensure a smooth transition.

Our efforts led to a significant transformation in the Authority’s social care system, not just through the technical transition but also by enhancing operational methods and outcomes for both staff and island residents. This project stands as a testament to what can be achieved with the right partnership, expertise, and approach, setting a new standard for digitally driven, socially empowered services.

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