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Becoming a Data-Led Organisation

Data is at the core of informed decision-making and the delivery of efficient public services. By creating a clear strategy to leverage data assets, BetterGov help enhance public sector efficiency and service improvement. We design and build data services for analysis and visualization, delivering simple, user-centric solutions. All designed to optimise operations, enhance service delivery, and provide transparency and accountability.

Data Architecture

Adopting a product-based approach, BetterGov refines data collection for business intelligence to drive efficiency and optimisation, and user experience, creating a consumable service. Short-term, we can help to develop practical, people-centred approaches to data governance and new operating models to clarify roles and responsibilities. In the longer-term, we remain engaged to support the cultural changes required to successfully follow your roadmaps.

Data Analytics and Visualisation

We enable interactive access to high-quality datasets, helping business users derive key insights for improved decision-making. Whether interactive dashboards through BI tools, metadata catalogues, or building tailored visualization software, we focus on extracting data value uniquely suited to each client’s requirements, ensuring optimal decision-making and strategic planning in various business scenarios.

Data Platforms

Integrating data as a core element of IT strategy, we guide you in selecting and building the ideal data platform, emphasising suitability for your specific data type and usage. We support choices based on desired outcomes over market trends, ensuring the selected platform – be it a data lake, mesh, streaming, or APIs – matches your needs, with performance, security, and governance as foundational priorities.

Data Engineering

Our engineering-centric approach enhances data solution delivery, establishing robust repeatable processes for providing accurate data at the right time. Specialising in creating secure, efficient pipelines, our engineers embed quality and governance in code, leveraging ETL technologies for data merging and enrichment. We ensure scalability across cloud platforms and are committed to building an engineering-led, data-first culture that extracts value from your data assets

Our Approach

The road to digital transformation, especially in the public sector is dotted with deep, expensive potholes many of which can be predicted, avoided, and even removed with advice and help from an experienced, trusted partner. This is where BetterGov come in.