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Secure Design and Engineering

UK public sector Information Security services from BetterGov involve diverse strategies to protect data integrity, confidentiality, and access. Addressing comprehensive compliance from PSN to GDPR and beyond, we leverage extensive experience with government bodies to understand and tackle specific security challenges, delivering tailored solutions.

Security Design & Architecture

We help design and develop robust security architecture which involves creating a framework that integrates security controls, data protection mechanisms, and compliance with UK government policies such as the National Cyber Security Strategy. Our design process includes defining roles, data flows, and security measures to protect against potential threats while ensuring system resilience and data integrity.

Cloud Security Assessment & Audits

As cloud services grow in the public sector, BetterGov offers detailed evaluations of cloud deployments, including evaluating the security posture of cloud environments, aligning with UK Cloud Security Principles. We assess provider controls, data encryption, access management, and incident response capabilities to meet organisational needs, which ensure risk mitigation, cost efficiency, and smoother cloud transitions.

Secure Engineering & DevSecOps

BetterGov embeds security into the software development lifecycle, promoting a DevSecOps culture. Through secure coding, automated testing, and ongoing monitoring, we ensure security from design to maintenance, adhering to the National Cyber Security Strategy. Our collaboration with public sector clients helps establish a security-first mindset, enhancing compliance and security posture, focusing on proactive rather than reactive cybersecurity measures.

Penetration Testing

To identify vulnerabilities and assess the resilience of public sector systems against cyber-attacks, our consultants conduct comprehensive penetration testing. The findings from these tests enable us to provide actionable insights and recommendations for strengthening the organisation’s security posture, ensuring alignment with the UK’s cybersecurity frameworks and best practices.

Our Approach

The road to digital transformation, especially in the public sector is dotted with deep, expensive potholes many of which can be predicted, avoided, and even removed with advice and help from an experienced, trusted partner. This is where BetterGov come in.