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Transformational Governance

BetterGov designs strategic blueprints for integrating digital technology, improving public services and data-driven governance. Our IT governance secures data and manages IT risks, while our people-centric change management approach ensures sustainable transformation. Specialising in UK and EU procurement, our audits and contract management reduce costs and drive continuous improvement, ensuring public services are transparent, accessible, and efficiently delivered.

Digital Roadmapping

BetterGov help create a strategic blueprint for integrating digital technologies into your organisation. It begins with pinpointing ‘Why’ (your challenges and goals) then ‘What’ (necessary capabilities and actions) and finally, ‘How’ (detailed workstreams and roadmap). Digital roadmapping presents a clear, actionable plan that transforms government organisations towards improved citizen engagement, streamlined operations, and data-driven governance, ensuring a transparent, accessible, and efficient delivery of public services.

IT Governance

Through successful IT Governance, BetterGov help to secure public data integrity by enabling public sector organisations anticipate and manage IT risks effectively, implementing strategies to proactively manage and mitigate risks. Equally, IT governance can support business alignment, IT enablement of services, IT resource and performance optimisation and transparency and accountability goals for IT assets.

Change & Transformation Management

We strongly believe in co-creating a solution with our clients, and through a people-centric approach, we can achieve sustainable results. Organisations undergoing transformation will likely have distinct strengths, capability gaps and potentially conflicting motivations. We help clients navigate these issues within culture, coordination, and capabilities through transparent internal review, building change leadership skills and nurturing capability from the front line to the executive board.

Commercial & Procurement

BetterGov understand that that technology procurement is seldom one-size-fits-all. It is cross-cutting which requires involvement of stakeholders from senior leadership, service department, finance, and IT to ensure business success, value for money and overall transformation. Our expertise in UK and EU procurement policies and effective contract management positions us as a vendor-neutral partner that reduces costs, improves supplier service, and promotes continuous improvement.

Our Approach

The road to digital transformation, especially in the public sector is dotted with deep, expensive potholes many of which can be predicted, avoided, and even removed with advice and help from an experienced, trusted partner. This is where BetterGov come in.