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In our recent project with Neath Port Talbot (NPT), we faced the significant task of replacing their Social Care Case Management system. The existing system, over 25 years old and reliant on outdated technology, was nearing the end of its supported life with the impending loss of supplier support in 2024. Given the urgency created by the support cessation, NPT had a tight timeline of 9 months to select a replacement and a further 12 months for implementation. This challenge was twofold: defining and prioritising the new system’s requirements and conducting a successful competitive procurement process.

To address these challenges, we at BetterGov led the effort to secure a modern, sustainable solution for NPT. Our approach involved leveraging our expertise in requirements gathering for local authorities. By working closely with NPT’s social care and support service teams through remote collaboration, we gained an in-depth understanding of their operational challenges and objectives. This process allowed us to map their current processes, identify challenges, and understand their ‘as is’ situation thoroughly. We provided NPT with a bespoke set of requirements tailored to their procurement approach, ensuring a structured and fair process under our guidance.

Our involvement extended to the procurement phase, where we assisted NPT in developing key documentation and establishing a robust, transparent evaluation methodology. Our expertise ensured adherence to the agreed evaluation process, culminating in a successful and fair award of a market-leading software solution. This new system is expected to substantially improve NPT’s staff and operations well into the future.

The outcomes of this project were significant. Through our comprehensive requirements gathering exercise, NPT gained a clear understanding of their current working arrangements and future vision. We delivered a comprehensive set of business process maps, challenges, and requirements alongside a complete suite of procurement paperwork. This enabled NPT to successfully complete a competitive tender exercise within their 9-month timeframe.

The benefits of collaborating with BetterGov were manifold. The NPT team acquired valuable skills in business process review and procurement execution. Our partnership resulted in quicker engagement completion, staff involvement, cost savings, and increased efficiency. Furthermore, NPT gained insights into the functions of their social care team, leading to the standardisation and improvement of processes before the implementation of the new system.

This project exemplifies our commitment to digitally driven and socially empowered solutions, underscoring our ability to navigate complex procurement processes and deliver tailored requirements-gathering exercises that align with our clients’ unique needs and objectives.

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