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In our project detailed in the “Digital Health and Social Care Roadmap & Social Care Systems Review,” we embarked on a transformative journey to address critical challenges in the social care system.

Our first challenge revolved around the existing social care system’s limitations, notably its poor performance and availability, which significantly hindered operational duties and posed a considerable risk. This situation led to an inability to perform essential work, delays in accessing service user information, poor staff retention, and increased stress levels among staff. To address these issues, we developed a comprehensive digital health and social care roadmap for a County Council and Health Board. Through stakeholder meetings, detailed analysis, and end-user mapping, we identified the current system’s shortcomings and the broader social care landscape. This enabled us to propose several costed options and recommendations to enhance the end-user experience, which the Council has since begun implementing.

Our second challenge involved an ambitious initiative by Powys County Council and Powys Teaching Health Board to introduce a new integrated model of care and wellbeing. This endeavour required the development of a digital framework, the construction and implementation of a governance structure, and the development of a business case to support digital transformation in North Powys. In response, we conducted a thorough review of the Social Care Case Management System, leading to a detailed and costed digital blueprint focusing on Personal Care Records, Information and Advice Digital Care Records, and Digital Homes.

Our work resulted in swift access to specialised health and social care resources, robust business case development, and the facilitation of regular stakeholder meetings. The project leveraged the expertise of a diverse team, including a Director, Strategic Consultant, Senior Business Analyst, Project Managers, Business/Systems Analysts, ISTQB Testers, Trainers, and Reporting Developers, to deliver a digitally-driven and socially empowered solution.

This summary encapsulates our commitment to enhancing health and social care through digital innovation, underpinned by a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Welsh market. We are gratified by the positive feedback from the Powys Head of Economy & Digital Services and remain dedicated to contributing to the transformation of health and care services.

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