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In this project, we addressed the challenge faced by Neath Port Talbot (NPT) in replacing their outdated Social Care Case Management system. The legacy system was over 25 years old, and NPT had a tight timeframe of only 9 months to find a new solution and a further 12 months for implementation due to the impending end of support for the existing system.
Our approach was rooted in collaboration and understanding. We initiated the project by meticulously mapping out processes and gathering requirements. By working closely with NPT’s social care and support teams, we gained a comprehensive understanding of their operational challenges and objectives. This collaborative effort allowed us to create accurate process maps, validate requirements, and tailor them to NPT’s specific needs, thereby ensuring a robust procurement process.
We then led NPT through an expert-driven procurement process, assisting them in choosing a robust and transparent evaluation methodology, developing essential documentation, and setting clear expectations for what would be required from the new system. Our support continued through the evaluation phase, ensuring adherence to the agreed evaluation criteria, and the procurement exercise concluded without challenges.
The project culminated in a fair and successful tender process, with NPT securing a market-leading software solution. This solution is poised to substantially improve staff welfare and the future of social care service delivery. Not only did the project meet the stringent timeline, but it also equipped NPT with enhanced business process review skills, procurement execution capabilities, and a foundation for ongoing improvement in their social care system implementation.