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In 2022, following the announcement to decommission the GOV.UK PaaS by the end of 2023, affecting over 70 services across multiple government organisations, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) faced a significant challenge. With more than a dozen services hosted on this platform and a nascent cloud strategy that included AWS and Azure, CCS required expert support for a seamless migration. This is where our journey with CCS began.

Embracing a fully agile methodology, we embarked on a cloud migration project marked by flexibility, rapid decision-making, and iterative progress. Our approach segmented the project into distinct phases, each with specific deliverables and milestones, enabling continuous feedback, quick adjustments, and efficient resource utilisation. This phased strategy not only maximised efficiency but also ensured that we remained aligned with CCS’s evolving needs and priorities.

Communication and collaboration were the cornerstones of our partnership with CCS. Through regular meetings, stand-ups, and updates, we maintained a transparent dialogue that facilitated stakeholder engagement and effective problem-solving. This open communication channel was instrumental in addressing concerns, clarifying objectives, and aligning expectations across all levels of the project.

One of our project’s highlights was the swift delivery of a proof of concept, built and demonstrated within just three weeks. This achievement underscored the strength of our partnership with CCS, where collaborative spirit and shared goals paved the way for rapid progress and innovative solutions.

The agile framework at the heart of our methodology provided the necessary adaptability to navigate unforeseen challenges and refine our migration strategy in response to real-time feedback and emerging insights. This dynamic approach allowed us to optimise the migration process continually, address risks proactively, and ultimately deliver a solution that embodied operational excellence.

The success of this project was not just in the migration itself but in the demonstration of how agile principles can drive effective change management in complex, high-stakes environments. Our journey with CCS is a testament to the power of partnership, flexibility, and continuous improvement in achieving digital transformation and operational efficiency.

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