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In our project with the London Borough of Croydon (LBC), we tackled the significant challenge of replacing their outdated Adult Social Care System. With the software vendor Northgate Public Services exiting the social care systems market, LBC found itself in urgent need of a new, fit-for-purpose system. This task was particularly daunting due to LBC’s limited in-house capabilities for such a major procurement and implementation.

Our journey began with a comprehensive discovery analysis, aimed at thoroughly understanding LBC’s service needs, organisational strategy, and existing delivery structure. This foundational work was critical not only for guiding the procurement process but also for ensuring the smooth implementation of the new system. The complexity of this task was amplified by the necessity to migrate data from not just the legacy system but also from two additional systems, NHS CRS and Information@Work, necessitating a nuanced approach to our audit and subsequent recommendations.

Our collaboration led to a detailed specification of requirements that guided a competitive tender process. The insights we provided were instrumental in helping LBC procure a system that was not just fit-for-purpose but also offered the best value for money. Our analysis and recommendations also highlighted areas where LBC had technical skill gaps, providing a clear pathway for capacity building and system integration.

Key components of our approach included:

  • Diagnostic Audit | Conducting a high-level diagnostic audit to map out the current landscape, identify technical gaps, and understand the integration requirements for the new system.
  • Migration Assessment | Undertaking an in-depth migration assessment that accounted for the complexities of transitioning data from multiple legacy systems.
  • Strategic Recommendations | Offering strategic recommendations covering system integration options, implementation costs, business requirements, timelines, and the governance structure necessary for a successful migration and integration process.

Our engagement spanned 9 months from contract engagement to system go-live. Our expertise in managing complex system migrations from multiple systems within Social Care, Education, and Housing sectors proved invaluable to LBC. It gave them the confidence to finalise their procurement approach, organisation strategy, and delivery structure for the implementation of the new system.

This project exemplifies our commitment to seamless system migration, comprehensive analysis for solid foundation building in system procurement, customised recommendations for informed decision-making, and capacity building for future service enhancements. Through our work, we strive to be digitally driven and socially empowered, guiding our clients like LBC through complex transitions to achieve their strategic objectives.

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