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Enhancing government service delivery: the strategic role of BetterGov in the One Login initiative

The Government Digital Service (GDS) initiated the ambitious One Login for Government program in 2021, targeting a comprehensive transformation of how citizens access various government services. Traditionally fragmented, with over 190 different account setups, the One Login initiative proposes a unified, single sign-on and identity verification system to streamline user experiences and enhance operational efficiencies across government departments.

Seamless integration and user-centric design

One Login is poised to offer a more integrated and personalised online interaction for citizens, allowing them to share their identity proof just once. This centralisation simplifies access and significantly aids in fraud prevention and operational cost reduction, potentially saving millions annually. The pilot phase began with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in April 2022, setting the stage for broader adoption across other critical departments like the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

John Wright’s perspectives and insights

John Wright, deeply involved in the discourse around One Login, emphasises the program’s transformational potential. He advocates for robust control and security measures to foster public trust, a crucial component for widespread acceptance and successful implementation. In recent blogs, as seen below, Wright highlights the necessity of data-sharing capabilities within One Login’s design, which should empower users with comprehensive control over how their data is shared across government platforms.

Engaging in comprehensive review and strategy development

BetterGov and NCC Adults Services thoroughly reviewed existing report outputs to identify the key requirements for local reporting and the reasons for the underutilisation of the current BI offerings. This involved discussions with staff members in the report’s lifecycle, from gathering requirements to development, testing, and usage.

The insights gained from these discussions helped shape a local BI strategy for Adults Services, leading to several immediate implementations, including:

Challenges and strategic imperatives

Despite the clear benefits, the implementation journey of One Login is not without its challenges. Legislative changes, such as those proposed in the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, are imperative to enable seamless data sharing between departments. Wright suggests that achieving these legislative frameworks is as critical as the technical development of the One Login system itself.

BetterGov’s role and expertise

BetterGov, with its proven expertise in digital transformation, is ideally positioned to support this monumental shift within the central government. Our experience aligns closely with the needs of One Login, especially in areas requiring specialised support for integration and transition strategies. BetterGov can provide vital external capabilities, helping to navigate the complexities of system integration and ensuring that government departments can effectively leverage the new platform without disruption to service delivery.

The One Login for Government project represents a strategic pivot towards a more unified government service delivery model. The proper implementation strategy, supported by legislative and technological enhancements, can significantly improve government services’ efficiency and user satisfaction. BetterGov stands ready to contribute its expertise and experience to ensure the successful rollout of this transformative project, reinforcing our commitment to advancing public sector innovation and efficiency.

Authored by John Wright – Director at BetterGov

“I hold a strong engineering heritage and over 25 years of experience in digital transformation and product-based delivery, with clear strengths in strategic consulting. Over the years, I have forged strong relationships across public sector organisations — including DWP, ONS, Home Office, and DEFRA — a product-based delivery culture is well on it…

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