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A Channel Island Authority initiated a significant reform program aimed at transforming services, culture, and operational practices. At the core of this initiative was the replacement of their existing system with a unified care record case management system. The challenges of sourcing specialist skills due to geographic constraints and a fast-paced implementation timeline prompted the Authority to seek external expertise.

Collaboration and mobilisation

BetterGov, in collaboration with a prime contractor, crafted a compelling service offering that leveraged our extensive experience to manage this critical end-to-end transformation. Following successful award following a competitive tender, BetterGov deployed our team to deliver Phase One of the implementation on island. Our team mobilised and began executing the planned phases – ranging from requirement specification and planning, through to data migration, build and configuration, testing, and training. We adapted resource utilisation flexibly to ensure the project was not only successful but also cost-effective, reflecting our commitment to delivering value beyond technical expertise.

Training and capability development

Our successful partnership with the Channel Island Authority demonstrates BetterGov’s ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver substantial improvements in service delivery and operational efficiency. Through successful collaboration, we supported the improvement of ways of working in the following areas:

  • Programme and Project Management
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Data Migration and Systems Integration
  • System Configuration, Testing, and Application Support
The outcomes

The project achieved a remarkable milestone, with the system going live within 10 months of contract award. Throughout this period,
BetterGov deployed 17 specialised consultants, ensuring the project stayed on track and within budget, culminating in a 100% success rate in implementation.

On reflection

In conclusion, the collaborative effort between BetterGov and the Channel Island Authority illustrates a successful systems implementation partnership characterised by expertise, efficiency, and effective project management. The rapid deployment of a unified care record case management system—achieved within just 10 months—highlights our ability to meet stringent timelines and complex technical demands while staying within budget.