Delivering effective change with our ‘pick and mix’ approach to external services

Our Core Services

We are firmly of the belief that in order to deliver effective change there is a need to have a ‘pick and mix’ approach to external services that build upon what is already available within an organisation. In addition this must be underpinned by creating a common ground that is agnostic to any change methodology and can be easily adopted. Our core service offering includes:


Social care system implementations


Client side integration and interfaces

Bespoke development inc mobile apps


Resourcing organisational capacity issues


High impact interventions maximising benefits

Our pick and mix services

  • 1

    Social Care Systems Implementations - Market Leading Expertise

  • 2

    Social Care System Procurement - Independent and Focused

  • 3

    Reporting, Migration & Interfacing - Technical Prowess

  • 4

    Systems Integration with Health – Building Better with the NHS

  • 5

    Mobile App Development & Deployment - Working Smarter

  • 6

    Mission Critical Advice & Interventions - Expertise When You Need It Most

  • 7

    Maintenance Packs / Pre-bought Days – Structured Support

  • 8

    Provision of Quality Resourcing – Programme Management, BA, Technical

  • 9

    High Impact Capability Development - From Master Classes to 1-2-1 Coaching