Sector: Social Care

Solution: BetterGov Data Migration, Interfacing and Integration Services

Client: Tri-borough (LBHF, RBKC, WCC)

Challenge: Two distinct Framework integrations (NHS Spine and Agresso Financials) each with its own challenges.

Result: Successful implementation of critical business functionality with involvement throughout the project life-cycle including Agile development phase.


The importance of integrated systems and data continues to grow. Integration presents unique technical as well as business challenges. Health integration is a theme all Social Care departments are interested in.

To enable integration, matching of records across systems is required. The NHS number is the obvious choice, this is already recorded manually in most social care systems; however in order to facilitate deeper integration (particularly in unscheduled and acute settings) a more robust and real-time integration to capture the NHS number and related information available on the ‘Spine’ is required. This will form the foundation and enable information sharing, at the same time clarifying information sharing across systems, and harness the enormous potential for electronic records to provide an accessible comprehensive record to inform professionals as well as children and families.

The Solution

BetterGov staff worked alongside ServelecHSC and Quicksilva developers in both the UK and India using an Agile approach to development and delivery. This ensured the fastest route to product sign-off and successful implementation.

The majority of the programme involved technical configuration and development and following a successful pilot testing phase the functionality was quickly launched and adopted by a multi-authority area covering over half a million residents.


The capability is now available as an optional extra in both Framework and Mosaic and includes:

1.External Person Search of the NHS Spine from within the case management system.

2.External View from within the case management system of Spine details highlighting any discrepancies in the records.

3.Retrieve NHS Number for Existing Clients.

4.Validate Existing NHS Number.

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