The Result

Your review report was really impressive. I’ve never seen quite that level of analysis and presentation in a document review. The rigour not only helped us practically, it also demonstrated the solidity of process to senior managers.

Portfolio Lead (People), ICT Shared Services


We were approached by a County Council who were going out to market to replace their Social Care System- they needed assistance finalising their requirements in preparation for an Invitation to Tender on a very tight timetable. Not knowing the market they were concerned that there may be gaps, that they were not being ambitious enough and were missing vital newer considerations- e.g. mobile working, apps, portals and integration

The Brief
Review and Quality Assure the Statement of Requirements (SoR), and overall methodology including scoring with reference to:

A. Breadth – identifying any gaps/areas that you would expect to be covered that have not
B. Balance/Focus – are there areas that you feel we should have considered/used that are missing?
C. Aspiration – have we been ambitious enough, given your understanding of the market to date is anything missing?
D. Particularly interested in newer functionality i.e. mobile, workflow, portals (which is mostly covered in ‘System Features’)