Merton Council were in the process of implementing Mosaic within Adults and Children’s services using a combination of in-house and temporary resources. Toward the latter stages of the Programme, Merton realised they needed the assistance of an organisation to take ownership of the Finance implementation, a key dependency on their overall Programme go-live.

BetterGov, in partnership with InterQuest Group, was tasked with assisting delivery to go-live and transitioning to Business as Usual. Within two weeks of our start date we had mobilised an initial seven-person strong implementation team, specialists in Programme Management, Business Analysis, Change Management and Technical Development on Mosaic.


The key challenges we faced at Merton were;

  • The time-sensitive nature of the implementation

Merton advised that it was critical for their systems to be fully transitioned within six months of the start date. This left limited time to complete business-critical tasks such as interfacing, purchasing, and payments, training, knowledge transfer, data migration, business process analysis, configuration, and reporting.

  • Business Analysis / Change Fatigue

Prior to our arrival and over the course of the implementation, front-line and back office teams had spent many months attending multiple requirements workshops/demonstrations and training sessions but there was still key information missing that was needed to deliver the system. It was essential for us to work efficiently to elicit business requirements and aspirations with minimum impact on the day-to-day business operations.

The BetterGov team quickly built a rapport with staff and obtain requisite business information to inform the system and process build.


The team successfully achieved it’s go-live date as agreed and achieved some notable successes including; transition to Scheduled Provider Payments, enabling invoice processing time saving and prompt payment, a “single source-of-truth” for client expenditure enabling more effective commitment/expenditure monitoring and management decision-making.

Interfacing to Cedar e5 and CM2000 applications was successfully delivered alongside the core application.

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