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We work best collaboratively, and this one has been a great team effort, working in close partnership with two different IT providers and a leading London local authority to deliver business improvement and significant system change.

Following an intensive implementation period, our client went live with not only an upgrade to their Social Care case management system (including business process & reporting improvements) but also a database conversion and a move to a bespoke hosted infrastructure all at the same time!

This decision to go live during COVID-19 was a difficult one; following in-depth planning the Council senior leadership team felt comfortable that programme go-live was the best way to deliver tools to support their staff at this difficult time.


The Project transitioned all the current users across Adult and Children’s Services (around 1,000 staff) and delivered a more robust and resilient system, proving essential during the current pandemic. This implementation lays the groundwork for future improvements, e.g. group working, new interfaces, potential additional users, mobile working, integration etc.

The project comprised of the following:

  1. Converting the underlying system database from Oracle to SQL
  2. Moving the application and databases from a physical on-premise server to a bespoke hosted infrastructure
  3. Upgrading the current version of the social care case management software
  4. Upskilling, supporting and training of users

The feedback from programme stakeholders and users has been very positive. We used some exciting and progressive ideas to complete system and user testing as well as provide online training and user support through a virtual offering. This allowed us to deliver go-live entirely remotely, with over 850 users within the first three days. We are delighted with the result!

We are looking forward to the next phase, confident that this transition will deliver more efficient services and improve the outcome for vulnerable people in the borough.

Customer Experience from London’s Tri-Borough Councils!

After a successful implementation with Tri-Borough (Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster Councils) we met up with Brian Vallis, former Head of Resource Management at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Brian was the senior business stakeholder for systems & business process improvement during the programme. We talked about the implementation and how things improved since working with us. Please read Brian’s interview below.

BG: What made you look outside the organisation for help?

B.V: Implementing one case management system across three authorities (Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster) was always going to be a challenge. It required migrating data from three different systems onto a single instance, ensuring business processes were aligned across services and that existing integrations were fit-for-purpose or updated. We needed people with experience and a detailed knowledge of both the technical and business aspects of an implementation.

BG: Why did you choose us?

B.V: Your whole team is very experienced and you have access to specialist resources for the detailed technical work that was needed. We also spoke to others who had worked with you, to get some feedback, all of which was very positive.

B.G: Now that we’ve worked with you for some time, how did things change?

B.V: My in-house team worked alongside BetterGov, thereby increasing the team’s knowledge and helping their professional development. At times we hit technical challenges but could call upon BetterGov’s vast knowledge to advise us on the best way of dealing with it. Because of your experience of working on similar systems at other councils, you often already had a solution.

B.G: What are some benefits you’ve experienced through working with us?

B.V: BetterGov’s team worked very well with my in-house team, following an integrated working model rather than having a team of consultants telling us what to do. You were there when we needed you but were also able to pull back your resources at quieter times, thereby saving us paying for unnecessary resources.

B.G: What was your favourite part of the experience working with us?

B.V: A positive point of working with BetterGov was that we finished the large project on time and came in under budget. Your flexibility in applying the relevant level of resources at various times during the project lifecycle helped with that.

BG: Would you recommend that others work with us, and if so, why?

B.V: I would have no hesitation in recommending BetterGov. The team is very experienced and not only has a vast knowledge of IT solutions but importantly understood our business and people. In addition, they worked very well with us and all the team members I met were all very personable and a pleasure to work with.

BG: Anything else you think is important to mention?

B.V: We used BetterGov on numerous projects since the initial large one back in 2012, from implementing a mobile working solution, to developing and deploying functionality to link social care records to the NHS Spine.

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