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Gov PaaS Discovery and PoC

​Delivering a GDS compliant Discovery

GPaaS Migration and Proof of Concept


Towards the end of 2022 an announcement was made by the Government Digital Services (GDS) that they would be decommissioning the GOV.UK PaaS (GPaaS) by the end of 2023, a decision which directly impacted 70+ services across over a dozen government organisations. The Crown Commercial Services (CCS) was one of the organisations impacted by this decision. Whilst the CCS already has an established cloud strategy with some services hosted on AWS and Azure, providing alternative hosting options, migration of digital services holds some inherent risks which needed to be fully assessed prior to the migration of any live services.


To ensure CCS were confident and made informed decisions during the migration from GOV.UK PaaS, BetterGov proposed an initial Discovery phase. The immediate outcome was to deliver a proof-of-concept (PoC) for a key service within 3-4 weeks, providing assurance and greater clarity on the migration approach for remaining services.

An Agile delivery approach, following GDS guidelines, was agreed and the discovery was delivered in sprints. Continuous delivery was used for the fast-paced PoC development. Six sprints with Show & Tell sessions and collaboration facilitated knowledge transfer to internal civil servants. All agreed deliverables were provided in the final sprint.

BetterGov prioritised communication and collaboration throughout delivery. Regular meetings, stand-ups, and progress updates kept stakeholders informed and engaged, which addressed any concerns and aligned expectations.

A key success factor was the strong partnership between BetterGov and CCS. Both parties worked closely together, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring that the project objectives were well understood and aligned. This partnership allowed for quick decision-making, issue resolution, and the ability to adapt to evolving requirements.


  • A PoC built and demonstrated within 3 weeks

  • User Journey mapping and clear Functional & Non-functional requirements

  • Migration Options Assessment & Recommendations

  • Migration & Delivery plan for Alpha phase

  • Discovery report detailing technical consideration

  • As-Is Service Component Catalogue

  • Knowledge transfer and upskilling of internal team