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BetterGov & OCC Provider Portal Webinar

Provider Portal Webinar

On Wednesday the 8th of March, BetterGov in conjunction with Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC) successfully hosted a webinar focused on how Local Authorities can draw the most benefit from implementing or improving utilisation of their Provider Portal.

The interest in this topic was shared by the 35 Local Authority attendees and shows that there is an intent for not just efficiencies, but also continuous improvement within Local Government.

Hosted by:

  • Martin Johnston – BetterGov, Associate Director – Local Authorities

  • Sean Grace – OCC, Senior Account Manager

  • Dan Wilkinson – BetterGov, Senior Consultant Finance

For further information on how BetterGov can help your Local Authority implement, social care, finance, education and other applications please contact Martin Johnston - [email protected]