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Digital Health Management System

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust wanted to streamline patient bookings and improve clinical reporting within the Endoscopy department. The old legacy image capture solution, as well as the CIPTS reporting systems and traditional paper-based reporting was no longer fit for purpose and a new solution was required.

BetterGov were engaged with the Trust to support the scoping phase and project management of the implementation of the new Medilogik EMS (Endoscopy Management System). The new EMS allowed all reports to be held in EMS, whilst digital updates are now also sent directly from and to Lorenzo, the Trust’s Patient Administration System (PAS). It gives the Endoscopy Department an easier way to report and connect to the National Endoscopy Database (NED) and JAG Endoscopy Training System (JETS).   

The Consultant Gastroenterologist and Endoscopy Lead, said: “We took this opportunity to streamline the bookings and clinical reporting processes across the whole of the Endoscopy Department - Gastroenterology, Colorectal Surgery, Respiratory and Urology.”

Successful implementation of the new Endoscopy Management System will provide the Trust with clearer communication, greater accuracy of reporting and time savings and will ultimately lead to better patient care.